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With our extensive experience in the global supply of goods, we have learned that customer happiness is our first concern, and we have worked hard to maintain that position for many years by offering high-quality goods at the greatest pricing. As a partner to the global market, Globalexport Limited is committed to offering the highest caliber goods and services to its customers. We are among the best-selling aluminum ingot suppliers in Thailand.

Aluminum is made from a material called bauxite. Aluminum oxide is produced from bauxite using the Bayer Process (alumina). The alumina is then converted into aluminum metal using the Hall-Heroult Process.

Why Select Us?

The quality of the aluminum ingot that you buy from us is very precious and critical. If you purchase a pure quality aluminum ingot, your product and company image will suffer. It is because the quality of the product that you will offer in the market will be your reputation. And also your company’s ability to stand out. And this is why we suggest you choose us among other aluminum ingot exporters.

  • Primarily utilized for ingot melting
  • Constant melting of scraps
  • Simple operation and control
  • Quickly melting
  • Used in industries like the car, pinning and weaving, general electron, and more.


Pure aluminum has high electrical conductivity and is soft, ductile, and resistant to corrosion. Although it is frequently used for foil and conductor cables, additional elements must be alloyed with it to achieve the higher strengths required for other uses. One of the lightest technical metals, aluminum has a strength-to-weight ratio that is higher than that of steel.

Aluminum is used in an increasing number of applications thanks to various combinations of its beneficial qualities, including strength, lightness, corrosion resistance, recyclability, and formability. This variety of goods includes everything from thin packaging foils to structural materials. Being one of the leading aluminum ingot distributors, we are also popular among copper wire manufacturers. This is why we invite you to visit our website and help

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