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Global Export has been active in the global market since 2009. Currently, we are among the largest wholesalers of agricultural products in Thailand. In an effort to win their business, we consistently work to put the finest practices into practice that please our clients, enhance our client relationships, and create lasting business ties.

Basmati, long-grain rice with a nutty flavor, is grown in Pakistan and the Himalayas. The Hindi terms “base” and “mati,” which both mean “aroma” and “full of,” are where the phrase “basmati,” or “full of aroma,” originates.

To make basmati rice that is light, soft, and fluffy, the rice must be thoroughly rinsed before cooking; else, the grains would be sticky and stick together. It simply takes a short while. Simply add some water to a bowl of rice and whisk to remove any excess starch. The water will initially be murky and then clear after a few rinses. 

Why Choose Us?

Our basmati rice is unique in its own sense when it comes to flavor and aroma. It is mainly grown along the mountains. This well-known rice is easy to recognize since its length is four times bigger than its breadth. Due to our above-mentioned basmati rice properties, you must choose us among other eligible basmati rice exporters. We are also among the top-known White and Brown Sugar suppliers in Thailand. 

Benefits of Our Basmati Rice

  • Zero Cholesterol Level

Being among the well-known basmati rice suppliers, we make sure that our basmati rice has zero cholesterol levels. 

  • Good Source of Energy and Protein

If you are looking for basmati rice that is a good source of energy and protein, we are what you require. 

  • Rich Quantity of Essential Minerals

Essential minerals are an important part of basmati rice. So, you must go for a company like us that offers you essential minerals in basmati rice. 

We guarantee you the best quality and taste of basmati rice in the world. 

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