Refined Palm Oil

Excellent Quality Refined Palm Oil Supplier in Thailand

Global Export is located in Central Thailand. We provide our deserving customers with the greatest products and services in the shortest amount of time at the most affordable prices. Commitment, dependability, client satisfaction, promptness, respect, and the best possible services. We assure you 100% consumer satisfaction with quality assurance. We are a well-known refined palm oil supplier in Thailand.

Why Select Us as Your Refined Palm Oil Supplier?

People use our palm oil for both prevention and therapy of vitamin A deficiency. The treatment of cancer, heart disease, and malaria are some of its other uses. But there is not any conclusive scientific evidence to support them.

The scientific name for this edible vegetable oil, which comes from the fruit of oil palm trees, is Elaeis guineensis. Palm oil may be found in everything from pizza, doughnuts, and chocolate to deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, and lipstick, making up over half of the packaged goods that we see in supermarkets. It is also used as animal feed and biofuel in several parts of the world. Our quality of refined palm oil is what distinguishes us as a refined palm oil supplier in Thailand.

By eliminating flavor, color, and other oxidation and hydrolysis byproducts, refined palm oil is produced. The liquid fraction (olein), which successfully competes with the more expensive groundnut, corn, and sunflower oils and is widely used as a liquid cooking oil in tropical regions, can be separated (fractionated) into liquid and solid phases using thermo-mechanical techniques (controlled cooling, crystallization, and filtering).

Benefits of Our Palm Oil

Palm oil is a very adaptable oil with a wide range of attributes and uses, which contribute to its practicality and popularity. It is stable at high temperatures, which helps to give fried foods a crispy and crunchy texture. It is also odorless and colorless, so it does not change the look or smell of food products. It is resistant to oxidation, which can give products longer shelf life. We assure you that these benefits will make you choose us as your refined palm oil supplier in Thailand. We are also among the top refined soybean oil suppliers. 

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