Sisal Fiber

Highest Quality Sisal Fiber Exporter in Thailand

Since 2009, Global Export has operated on the international market. We currently rank among Thailand’s biggest wholesalers of agricultural goods. In an effort to win their business, we consistently work to put into practice the best practices that please our customers, enhance our client relationships, and create long-lasting business ties.

Some of our guiding principles are dedication, dependability, client satisfaction, promptness, respect, and providing the best service. We are a leading sisal fiber exporter in Thailand. The sisal plant thrives all year long in hot and dry climates.

With the exception of clay and soils with a low tolerance for extremely damp, saline conditions, the sisal plant may be grown in most types of soil. It is quite simple to cultivate because it is disease-resistant and needs less upkeep than other crops. Sisal could be harvested one to two years after planting.

Why Select Us as Your Sisal Fiber Exporter?

If you are looking for an excellent quality sisal fiber exporter in Thailand, you are at the right platform.

Sisal was commonly used to make ropes, general cordage, and twines, but as businesses began using sisal to make paper, buffing cloth, dartboards, handicrafts, Macram, carpets, geotextiles, wire rope cores, and mattresses, product variations rapidly grew. Currently, sisal is used in a variety of products, from steel cable yarn to twisted thread to general yarn to knitted crafts.

The use of sisal in non-woven fabrics is particularly crucial since it is an eco-friendly alternative to asbestos and fiberglass in composite materials. The use of sisal fiber in the automotive industry has increased as a result. How sisal fiber is utilized depends on its quality.

Benefits of Sisal Fiber

Sisal is one of the most widely used natural fibers and one of the simplest to grow. It is exceptionally strong, resilient, stretchable, color-affine, and salt-water resistant. Sisal fibers are straight, coarse, smooth, and unyielding. As a well-known sisal fiber exporter in Thailand, our fiber is extremely durable and needs little maintenance. In the main

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