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We have a particular advantage when it comes to satisfying customer needs because of the unrivaled assortment of brown sugars offered by GlobalExport. We are one of the largest white and brown sugar suppliers in Thailand. Sugar derived from sugarcane contains 99.5 percent sucrose, often known as cane sugar. The group of carbohydrates known as disaccharides includes sucrose.

It is dextrorotatory and crystallizes into long, slender needles. It is barely soluble in ether and alcohol, although it is soluble in water. When sucrose is hydrolyzed, levorotatory combinations of glucose and fructose are created. The process is called inversion, and the final mixture is known as inverted sugar. Inversion happens in the human stomach thanks to inverse enzymes and sucrose. When sucrose is cooked over 180 °C (356 °F), an amorphous, black, syrupy material called caramel is produced.

Why Choose Us Among Other White and Brown Sugar Suppliers?

From our affiliated sugar mills in Thailand, we offer premium white and brown sugar. You will find that we provide brown and other sugar items at incredibly low costs and with quick delivery.

We collaborate with our clients as dependable white and brown sugar suppliers committed to exceeding their expectations. And also provides value that is shared by both sides. Being one of the reputable white and brown sugar suppliers in Thailand means our constant efforts.

Benefits of Our White and Brown Sugar

  • Long Product Shelf Life

Brown sugars are more hygroscopic than white sugars because they contain cane molasses, a flavorful syrup made from sugarcane. These attributes may contribute to maintaining the completed product’s texture, lowering microbial growth, and eventually extending shelf life.

  • Enhanced Appeal

Our entire line of brown sugar has clear labeling and is manufactured from raw cane sugar.

We are not only just one of the best white and brown sugar suppliers in Thailand but also Aluminum Ingot Suppliers

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